Mosman Hot Water System Upgrade

Location: Mosman, Sydney | Project Duration: 1 Day

The Brief

We were approached by Cienna Group for a project that involved designing and installing a hot water system that was more reliable than what they currently had.

The residents of this building in Mosman were having a nightmare with the existing hot water system they had. It’s was consistently running out of hot water and Cienna Group engaged us to offer some ideas and solutions, relevant to hot water heater banks and manifold installations.

The brief included a hot water system that delivered consistent hot water to the entire building, around the clock. They didn’t want to have to deal with tariffs and ‘off-peak’ restrictions.

Our Approach

Our approach was pretty straightforward. The building which we worked on was a 6 storey residential apartment building with a shared hot water system.

Before we went in and installed the hot water, multiple reports claimed that the hot water supply in the building would suddenly disappear and leave residents with cold water only.

The hot water would go out at annoying times for the residents, such as peak use times and at late hours of the night. As a result, we would have to be called in on emergency call outs to get the system going again…which was pretty painful for us too I might add.

Obstacles that we overcame

Reactive Plumbing was tasked to design and install a reliable hot water system that would replace the existing.

  • One of the major challenges we encountered was time restraint. The entire operation had to be completed in a single day because residents could not be without hot water for extended periods of time.
  • Access was another limitation. We had to use a crane to help us get the heating units to where they needed to go, without damaging both them and the property.
  • Budget was another consideration as the blocks funds were low due to overheads incurred by the previous hot water system.

So in summary, we basically had to remove, replace, install and commission an entire hot water heater band with a limited budget, limited access and within a day.

Needless to say, it was a significant challenge.

Our Reviews

The best. Great work but even greater blokes.

Colin Wiggle

These guys know their stuff, they know how to meet deadlines and are very well priced, if I had any more plumbing required around my place I wouldn’t think twice about giving them a call.

Shady Mikhael

They talk sense. Used the service on few occassions. No regret.

Saandeep Waasir

Fantastic honest and reliable service. Our building is in good hands with Reactive. They arrive when they commit. Emergency services are number one!

Julia Wakeling

Reactive Plumbing are the go-to guys for all your maintenance plumbing hassles. Honest, reliable and they turn up when they say they will. I highly recommend their service.

M T Hudson

Not just great plumbers - also good looking chaps as well!!
Will get you out of the "shit" every time!

James Mutch

Reactive Plumbing were extremely prompt when called upon and tailored their services to suit my needs

Benjamin Godfrey Cauchi

Can't recommend Reactive highly enough. They saved my place from coming undone on several occasions. Legends

Zio Al

Very responsive, quick and quality work at a very reasonable price!!

Ryan Kenny

Mosman Hot Water Project Outcome

This Mosman Hot Water upgrade was a huge success. Despite the challenges, we were able to get everything done on time and to our usual standard.

The residents are ecstatic as they’re no longer forking out thousands of dollars in hot water repairs and their hot water is running consistently around the clock.

You can see from the photos that the completed project was neat and professional. Yes it was a hard project to undertake within the parameters we were given, however we’re very happy with the end result.

As it stands today, there have been no more issues with their service, so all in all, it was a success.

Cienna Group

Cienna Group


We threw quite a curve ball at the Reactive Plumbing team and they totally knocked it out of the park. They over delivered in every way and I would engage them again in a heartbeat.

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