Sydney Hot Water Heater Replacement

Carried out in Sydney's CBD by Reactive Plumbing Services

Sydney Hot Water Heater Replacement Brief

Reactive Plumbing was tasked by Volkofsky & Brown to replace the hot water heater manifold assembly on the property in Sydney’s CBD, which we regularly attend to for maintenance service calls.

The client asked us to replace their tanks before they burst and could potentially flood the units below. There is also an impending danger of leaving the entire building without hot water if the problem was not attended to immediately.

As Reactive Plumbing was regularly in the building for hot water related maintenance call outs, the client decided that it would be a better option to save the call out fees and what could possibly become a disaster by getting us to replace the system.

The tanks were well and truly at the end of their life expectancy and the number of leaks that were happening was causing building management and residents unnecessary grief. Better to replace them, than have them rupture and lead to even more costs.

As always in a residential scenario, the job needs to be carried out as fast as possible in order to not inconvenience the residents, so we were asked to complete the entire replacement within a day.


Below is a photo of the old system. You can see the old gate valves on the inlet and outlets. 

Our Reviews

The best. Great work but even greater blokes.

Colin Wiggle

These guys know their stuff, they know how to meet deadlines and are very well priced, if I had any more plumbing required around my place I wouldn’t think twice about giving them a call.

Shady Mikhael

They talk sense. Used the service on few occassions. No regret.

Saandeep Waasir

Fantastic honest and reliable service. Our building is in good hands with Reactive. They arrive when they commit. Emergency services are number one!

Julia Wakeling

Reactive Plumbing are the go-to guys for all your maintenance plumbing hassles. Honest, reliable and they turn up when they say they will. I highly recommend their service.

M T Hudson

Not just great plumbers - also good looking chaps as well!!
Will get you out of the "shit" every time!

James Mutch

Reactive Plumbing were extremely prompt when called upon and tailored their services to suit my needs

Benjamin Godfrey Cauchi

Can't recommend Reactive highly enough. They saved my place from coming undone on several occasions. Legends

Zio Al

Very responsive, quick and quality work at a very reasonable price!!

Ryan Kenny

Project Specifics

The previous manifold had three 430L Rheen Storage heaters which were ten years old and showing signs of degradation. Parts of the tanks were starting to rust and they had many signs of a tank that was going to burst.

The existing manifold was also not isolating correctly, which meant that the entire service had to be shut down to the building in order to repair leaks. This defies the point of a manifold as the purpose if to be able to isolate sections for maintenance and repair.

Many of the old valves (especially the gate valves) were not working correctly, due to age and general wear. This was causing flow rate issues and as mentioned problems with isolation, amongst other things.

The condition of the existing copper pipework was deteriorating, which meant that it would have to be replaced.

It was decided that Reactive Plumbing would replace the hot water heaters with brand new 430 litre Rheem hot water heaters and also replace the copper pipework assembly, including valves and ancillaries.

Effectively, we would be replacing the entire hot water system.

Old manifold and pipework

Our Approach

We had to make sure that everything was 100% ready to go for the day, which meant having the heaters, the material, the tools, access and the team all organised.

The actually had the heaters delivered and carried up to the mechanical room prior to the day of the project, as they were so large and hard to manoeuvre, we didn’t want to waste time on the day as we only had one day.

The primary goal was to get the existing system removed and the new pipework in place so we could get one heater in at a time and get it charged up. That way, the building could have hot water, while we worked on the remaining two.

The heaters were all prepped in advance then the building was shut down. From there, we drained and removed the existing heaters and removed the old pipework and valves.

Once the new pipework and valves were installed, the water to the building could go back on.

From there it was a case of installing the new heaters and connecting them to the new manifold.
One heater at a time, we were able to charge, test and commission them, which meant the building had hot water back on in the fastest possible timeframe.

New manifold and pipework

Obstacles that we overcame

We were well prepared for this job, so there weren’t too many obstacles that we ran into once we started.

Initially, we knew that due to the strict timeframe that this hot water heater replacement had to take place in, silver brazing (welding) was going to slow us down, so we opted for B-Press mechanical compression.

B-Press is brilliant in saving time, however it does have its complications, so we needed to allow for that.

We managed this project very well, which meant we completed it within the timeframe we allocated. It would have been much harder to carry out a project like this using traditional methods, so we were grateful for the technology we have and the skills that our team has developed over the years.

We were actually able to draw some great procedures from this project, which we will be able to employ on future related jobs.

Hot Water Manifold Replacement Outcome

This project was a great success and the client, Volkofsky & Brown are once again thrilled with Reactive Plumbing leadership, planning and execution on one of their projects.

We believe that the planning of this job was what led to its success. We took our time outlining the project and we clearly defined any potential problems that may arise along the way.

To date, the hot water replacement/ installation is running smoothly and seamlessly and the client is wrapped that they no longer have to spend thousands in maintenance call-outs.

The building residents were also very pleased that we were able to exceed their expectations in regard to getting their hot water back on with minimal inconvenience. Likewise, we appreciated their patience and understanding.

C Tilbrook

C Tilbrook

Operations Manager

As the Operational Manager for several large Strata Schemes in Sydney, we require plumbing services at all hours of the day, seven days a week and we have never been let down by Reactive Plumbing yet. We have worked with them for the past 5 years and have been extremely pleased with their work.

Reactive Plumbing Services has completed well over 100 large and small projects with us. We regularly receive positive feedback from our Owners Corporations, Residents and Building Managers regarding their interaction and overall work performance on our sites.

Reactive Plumbing Services have demonstrated to me on numerous occasions their level of technical competence with complex works and they are always happy to troubleshoot problems that may arise. Their staff are well trained and are very polite, making it a pleasure to work with them.

I would highly recommend Reactive Plumbing Services for anyone requiring any sought of plumbing works, no matter the size or the complexity of the job. They are a competent plumbing services contractor and won’t let you down.

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