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There are few things more annoying that the constant drip of a leaking tap. If left unattended, it can cost you a lot of money, both regarding repair services, as well as by increasing your water bills. It’s also wasting precious drinkable, which means your money and a scarce resource is going down the drain. Don’t let a broken or leaking tap make your home less efficient and comfortable. Instead, count on our plumbers to fix your tap using our many years of experience.

If you suspect you need tap repair services, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help from Reactive Plumbing’s team of professional plumbers. We respond quickly to service requests, and will show up right on time to fix your broken or leaking tap.

Tap repair is not as simple as it seems, and often if you try to find and fix the problem yourself, you’re just providing a temporary solution. You might need to turn off your main water supply, which could be challenging if you live in an apartment complex or a shared building.

The problem can depend on the type of tap you have, how many handles it has, and other parts of its internal mechanisms. Any damage could be due to natural wear and tear which takes place over time and could require one or more parts be replaced.

For example, if your home has a standard washer tap, replacing its parts and lubricating them might be all you need. On the other hand, a mixer tap (with a single control for hot and cold water), turn tap (which provides water flow when turned) or sensor tap (that often is made up of electrical components) might be more complicated to fix. In certain instances, it might be more affordable to replace or upgrade you tap system, which Reactive Plumbing is more than happy to do for you.

We are trained plumbers experiencing in detecting problems in the basement, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, and laundry taps.


  • Dripping taps
  • Taps that leak from the handle, pipe, or point of connection.
  • Taps that aren’t opening or closing fully
  • Taps that create odd noises when open or closed, such as a pipe knocking sound

Most tap problems start out small, but if you ignore them, they will probably get worse and cost more to repair. Instead of ignoring the issue, contact the team at Reactive Plumbing for assistance the first time around and save yourself the cost and hassle. Our highly experienced plumbers will work quickly and effectively to identify the problem that is causing your tap to leak. Once we know just what’s making the leak occur, we’ll provide you with a repair solution we’re confident will completely resolve the problem.

To request the assistance of our highly skilled and experienced plumbers, we’re just a phone call away. Do you have a leaking or broken tap that needs repaired? Contact our team today for tap repair!


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The best. Great work but even greater blokes.

Colin Wiggle

These guys know their stuff, they know how to meet deadlines and are very well priced, if I had any more plumbing required around my place I wouldn’t think twice about giving them a call.

Shady Mikhael

They talk sense. Used the service on few occassions. No regret.

Saandeep Waasir

Fantastic honest and reliable service. Our building is in good hands with Reactive. They arrive when they commit. Emergency services are number one!

Julia Wakeling

Reactive Plumbing are the go-to guys for all your maintenance plumbing hassles. Honest, reliable and they turn up when they say they will. I highly recommend their service.

M T Hudson

Not just great plumbers - also good looking chaps as well!!
Will get you out of the "shit" every time!

James Mutch

Reactive Plumbing were extremely prompt when called upon and tailored their services to suit my needs

Benjamin Godfrey Cauchi

Can't recommend Reactive highly enough. They saved my place from coming undone on several occasions. Legends

Zio Al

Very responsive, quick and quality work at a very reasonable price!!

Ryan Kenny

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